An Analytical Outlook of the Legitimacy of Creation-Science Essay

An Analytical Outlook of the Legitimacy of Creation-Science Essay

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An Analytical Outlook on the Legitimacy of Creation-Science
Dating back to the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, there has been constant conflict between creationists and evolutionists; one trying to invalidate the other (4). David S. Caudill, the author of “Law and Worldview: Problems in the Creation-Science Controversy,” expresses his perspective using the case of McLean vs. Arkansas Board of Education (1). Like many others, this case attempted to revive the “equal time” statute so that “public school science teachers present both creation and evolution 'theories' in the classroom” (1). Many creationists believe that “'neither evolution nor creation can qualify as scientific theory'” (9) because both entail assumptions about the origin of life without any “conclusive scientific evidence” (9). Although a compelling argument, because of the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment, cases that attempt to introduce creationism into public schools are immediately deemed as unconstitutional (9).
Caudill claims that the McLean court decision was based solely on the inaccurate perceptions of creationism that the defendants presented (14). Although he does not explicitly state which form of evolutionary theory he prefers, Caudill's arguments exhibit the court's inability to judge creationism justly (14). The main criticism expressed in the journal is the oversimplification of how each theory works. In order for the act to not violate the constitution, the court had to determine whether or not there was a 'secular legislative purpose' (20). Caudill believes that the court had “the presumption that creationism was wholly religious and the corollary presumption that evolution was not” (35) and this directly effected the...

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...s a concept that was created to protect peoples' religious freedom and it is important that it stays in tact. Despite efforts to prove otherwise, creationism is inherently an attempt to impose religious ideologies onto the public. If the creationists truly only had the intention to educate people about an alternative scientific theory, why would they want to take down the competition? Unless creationists somehow manage to take out the religious motives of their ideology, they need to accept the fact that it will probably never be taught as an independent subject in public schools.

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